Become a contributor

As a small start-up company, we don’t run on big budgets, expensive adverts or airline sponsorships. We are a grassroots organisation that works closely with local communities across the world. The travel guides that are freely available on our site, as well as our growing range of bespoke trips, are a result of our own research and travel experiences.

If you are passionate about travel, seek out authentic local experiences, and have an interest in Muslim heritage, then you might be our next writer, photographer or videographer.

What we can offer you is:

A platform: Our website, social media and mailing list reaches thousands every month. If you produce great travel content and are looking for greater exposure, we can help you with this.

The opportunity to be part of a project that shares positive Muslim narratives: This is not about responding to negative stereotypes about Muslim culture or heritage. This is about re-writing the narrative to share an incredibly rich, nuanced and sophisticated heritage.

Joining our boutique trips: Apart from offering discounts to our contributors, we also have small number of paid-for trips each year. This will be your opportunity to let your creativity shine through.

Work with us

Are you looking to share Muslim-friendly products or services? We have a large and growing audience of English-speaking Muslims, with 49% aged between 25-34 years old. If you have a proposal, fill in the contact form with your details.